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What’s the impact of a job?

What does a rickshaw puller in Bangladesh have in common with an equity investment manager in Hong Kong? (Hint: they both love numbers.) The MY JOB book explores the similarities and disparities of the human condition, through the lens of work. From a Google technologist in Silicon Valley to a Maasai warrior in East Africa, the narrators interviewed by journalist Suzanne Skees take us on a journey through the U.S. states and around the world to experience jobs from two opposite sides of the spectrum.

Skees’ interviews include vibrant individuals working in all sectors, from farming to information technology, architecture to interior design, and eco-manufacturing to hip-hop music. MY JOB creates connection between seemingly “unrelated” people through the unique and shared experiences of one of their most revealing identities: their jobs. MY JOB is more than a book–it’s a community generating discussion around the complicated relationship we have with our employment. MY JOB explores the dignity and identity, economic viability, and inherent challenges of each occupation, answering such questions as:

How has the definition and notion of a job shifted in recent years?

How do we land in a particular job, and what causes us to flourish or flounder in it?

How does our job shape our sense of identity?

100% of author’s royalties of My Job support nonprofit organizations creating jobs to end poverty.

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