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Why Jobs?

I was one of the lucky ones: I got my first job at age 11. Every Wednesday evening, I’d babysit for three preschoolers one block over from my family’s home in Dayton, OH. I started a savings account right then–for college. From there, I scooped ice cream, waited tables, cleaned houses, hand-lettered signs, and wrote for the university communications office. My freshman year, I suffered from mononucleosis and bad grades because I was juggling three side jobs to pay for tuition.

Decades later, I work my dream job as a writer for nonprofits and director of our family’s charitable foundation. The years have brought incredible luck; yet it’s also true that my family, home, and business all have been built on the foundation of two acts of freedom to which–as a middle-class American–I had access: education and a job. As I built our foundation and worked far more than full-time to support courageous nonprofits and social enterprises lifting our fellow and sister humans out of poverty, I began to see a job as the most sustainable path out of poverty that one could attain. Microfinance, graduation programs, scholarships: everything pointed toward the dignity of being able to work, earn a paycheck, and build a life of choice.

Thank you for joining us on the MY JOB journey. I look forward to hearing back from you once you’ve had the chance to experience the narrators of the MY JOB book and our Job Talk blog. Be sure and click over to our Facebook page to tell us about your job, too. Suzanne Skees

Suzanne Skees of the Skees Family Foundation

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