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Hey, Where’s My Book?

Hey, Where’s My Book?

1) Write your holiday gift list and make sure MY JOB is on it. Everybody works, will work, or has worked. Help them gain perspectives about themselves while giving back to create jobs.
2) Check out the amazing organizations doing job-creation work that will benefit from book…

The MY JOB Book Ships Now!

The MY JOB Book Ships Now!

My Job hits bookshelves on October 17! We've been waiting for this day since the afternoon Suzanne first sat down with a bowl of Thai noodles and came up with the concept for the book. Finally, the MY JOB release is imminent! What this means for you. If you: A....

What If Your Job Was to Read the Stars?

What If Your Job Was to Read the Stars?

Victor Douville has been studying his tribe’s star knowledge for decades. His job is teaching Lakota Studies at South Dakota’s Sinte Gleska University, a post he’s held since 1971. An elder of the Sicangu Oyate Lakota nation, Douville’s teachings keep alive his people’s knowledge, including a deep understanding of astronomy.

Event: Telling Stories to Connect People to Your Cause; San Francisco, CA

At the Northern California Grantmakers and Exponent Philanthropy workshop, Author Suzanne Skees taught an interactive workshop on how to identify core stories for nonprofits and funders, and how to build elements of engaging stories to connect your audience with your cause. She used several Skees Foundation “Seeds of Hope” stories and the MY JOB book to dissect what she terms “connective tissue” yoking narrator to reader in empathy that creates community and inspires empathic action.

Event: Harvard Divinity School “Divinity Dialogues: Stories of Care;” San Francisco, CA

“Active listening that leads to action: There is no greater act of care than listening to someone’s story,” Skees told the audience of about fifty people gathered in the Embarcadero Center. “I believe the greatest form of intimacy is sharing our stories. It’s when we tell each other the stories of who we are that we reveal the layers below our surface and truly become close.“

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Books that create jobs: The MY JOB book series builds community, shares stories, and funds job-creation programs to end poverty.

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