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MY JOB Gen Z: Finding Your Place in Fast-Changing World, Book 3

© 2020 by Suzanne Skees & Sanam Yusuf

The latest in the MY JOB series—to be released FREE and open source, serially in brief chapters on the blog—combines true stories of young people working toward and in their dream jobs, with pragmatic tools and tips for how to launch your own career.

Genre: Nonfiction business/career studies, how-to, inspirational.


• How COVID has changed the workplace for Generation Z
• What studies reveal compared with who Gen Z says they are
• Input from real Gen Zers across the U.S. and around the world
• Inspiration from Gen Zers achieving their dream jobs and changing the world
• Tools, tips, and resources for securing an internship, landing your first job, and leaping up the ladder to your dream job.

“Few books dig so deeply into life as it’s actually lived, with such unsparing intimacy.” 

—Publisher’s Weekly BookLife Prize Review of MY JOB Book 2


in the U.S.


in the world

Just as members of Generation Z (“Gen Z,” those born around 1995-2015) strove to complete school and accumulate credentials to launch their careers, a tornado of crises struck: the COVID virus pandemic, global financial recession, and racial-justice impasse.

Our world was already undergoing catalytic changes brought on by the rise of Gen Z. Their numbers surge at 27 percent in the U.S. and 32 percent in the world—the largest portion of the population—and they wield the greatest consumer power and comprise the largest workforce in human history.

They’re tech-savvy, creative, collaborative, innovative, and entrepreneurial. They see themselves as global citizens and deeply care about changing the world for good.

When it comes to their careers, Gen Z’s work-world changes as quickly as they adapt, and it includes challenges far beyond what their predecessors faced:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Constant online connectivity
  • Globalization versus nationalism
  • Rising cost of living, looming recession, and unbearable college debt
  • Irrelevance of academic study to actual job skills needed 
  • Climate change and weather crises
  • School and public-venue shootings and pervasive lack of safety
  • Income and job instability 
  • Gig economy and the need to work several jobs
  • Lack of benefits such as medical insurance and retirement pensions
  • Outdated workplaces run on bureaucratic tradition over innovation

This book explores the demographics and identity of Gen Zers in their first jobs, career aspirations, challenges, and successes. Combining a series of brief vignettes about real Gen Zers at work—including both those who’ve achieved wealth and fame at an early age with (extra)ordinary people from a wide range of jobs—with rich resources on how to launch your career, MY JOB Gen Z will entertain and inspire you.

Our real-life examples will remind you that, despite the challenges of economic recession and the COVID pandemic, you’re not alone. Our tips and resources will empower you to land your first job and then leap into your dream job. 

SUZANNE SKEES serves as founder/board chair of the Skees Family Foundation, which supports job-creation programs to end poverty in the U.S. and developing countries. She studied English literature at Boston College and world religions at Harvard Divinity School. Writing for online and print media, she travels from schools to slums, prisons to farms, serving as a storyteller for nonprofit workers, social entrepreneurs, and their courageous clients, who toil every day to create equality and end poverty. Currently, she edits and produces the MY JOB book series; the first two volumes can be found on Amazon and the third, described above, is published free and open-source, here.

SANAM YUSUF, a proud member of Gen Z, is in her second year at Occidental College in Los Angeles, focusing on religious studies and diplomacy/world affairs. She had a transformational experience with Seeds of Peace International Camp, where she was trained in dialogue and conflict resolution. She also spent five years as a delegate with Model United Nations (MUN). Through these experiences, she saw the true power of narratives and storytelling . . . which is why she’s so excited to coauthor this book!

MY JOB, Book 3 is released beginning September 1, 2020, and is available FREE and OPEN SOURCE here.

Connect with the MY JOB community on its website, blog, Facebook, and Instagram. Learn more about the Skees Family Foundation by visiting their website.

***100% of author royalties from MY JOB Books 1 and 2 benefit job-creation programs to end poverty, and Book 3 (above) is free. Donations may be made directly to nonprofit job-creation programs listed here.

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