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The Face of America: What Does It Look Like?

The Face of America: What Does It Look Like?


Who Is the Face of America?

Pierre Gervois, videographer/producer of The Face of America series.

Media entrepreneur Pierre Gervois, who’s managed marketing campaigns for luxury brands and built successful communications campaigns in more than twenty countries, was born in France but wound up in New York City, struck by the way “the entire world meets here, in this city created and run by immigrants, bringing their ideas, cultures, languages and foods.”

He launched a nonprofit video series, The Face of America, to study the contrast between wealthy individuals and those who cannot even put food on the table for their families, right here in the U.S.A. His film series explores “multiple aspects of American society: social discriminations, immigration, LGBTQ+ issues, 2nd amendment, poverty, religious issues, women’s empowerment and philanthropy.”


How Sharing Our Stories Leaves an Impact

Just ten minutes long, each video has “changed me profoundly,” Gervois says. “I felt sometimes I was not supposed to witness the incredibly intimate stories they were sharing with me.”

I stopped by Gervois’ Brooklyn, New York production studio to share the story of my family’s and my efforts to end poverty through investing in schools and jobs, and how the MY JOB book series creates a revenue stream that helps create dignified work for the ultra poor, here and abroad.


My Story

Here’s my story.


Thanks to Pierre Gervois for his noble work in documenting the kaleidoscope of colors and causes are we individual souls who make up The Face of America.

And thanks to you, our wonderful MY JOB reading community. Want to share your story? Jump over to our Facebook page and tell us about your work and how it impacts your life.


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