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ANNOUNCING: New Publisher, New Book, & More Job Stories!

ANNOUNCING: New Publisher, New Book, & More Job Stories!

New Book Coming Soon

I’m excited to announce that Book 2 of our series, My Job: More People at Work Around the World, is in production. Having met hundreds of people in fascinating jobs, I faced an enormous challenge in selecting the stories to include in Book 2 . . . but I believe this collection will surprise and delight you. It covers a range of jobs in the following sections:

  • Health and Recovery
  • Education and Finance
  • Agribusiness and Food Processing
  • Arts and Culture
  • Activism and Diplomacy

The book allows you to experience what it’s like to be an addiction-recovery counselor trained as a clown in London, an art teacher working with gang members in Chicago, a midwife working in rural villages in Guatemala, or a mobile-banking agent making her first million in Zambia.

Book 2 will take you places you’ve never been, from the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia to a serene beach in Tel Aviv, Israel, and take you deep into the true stories of what it’s like to work at jobs as disparate as teaching a grieving widow to dance, to negotiating with a terrorist.

New Publisher


Books take a long time to incubate before they’re ready for the world. My Job Book 2, conceived just after the birth of Book 1, endured a full year of rigorous fact-checking and seventeen rounds of edits on my desk, before I signed with a publisher whose standards (I tell you this with a huge smile of delight) are far more stringent than mine.

Greenleaf Book Group, an independent book publisher dedicated to empowering authors, is known for its far-reaching ability to convene audiences and create bestselling books. Beyond their deft handling of editing, design, and distribution, their Austin-based team deeply believes in the power of stories to connect people, and the meaning of work as a core component of our shared human experience–a reality we can all relate to, with a range of experiences as unique as each one of us.


Be Part of the Story

Be an Ambassador:

  1. Review My Job Book 1, available now on Amazon.
  2. Preorder My Job Book 2 now and be the first get it in March.
  3. Post an announcement about and link to the My Job book series to your friends.

Send a copy of your review, receipt, or posting to [email protected], along with your mailing address, to receive a signed bookmark.


Be a Narrator:

Share your story on Facebook by December 31 and you could be chosen to be interviewed for our Job Talk blog, or possibly even a future chapter in a My Job book!


Be a Reviewer:

  1. Review My Job Book 1, available now on Amazon.
  2. Jump here to send a quick note and let us know if you’d like to review one chapter of the forthcoming My Job Book 2. Your review may appear on our website or social media, while you garner interest in the true story of your favorite narrator!

With much gratitude for all of YOU who comprise the My Job community, MyJob_logo_white-on-blue2018



Recent News and Events

Immigrant Stories of Work And Labor

Our intention was to center around the experience of immigrants as contributors to the cultural, social, and economic fabric of the United States.

I invite you all to watch and witness their bravery and beauty of our eloquent speakers in the video.

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MY JOB: What’s the Good Word?

The reviews are in and the good news is piling up fast!

It’s always a pleasure hearing real, honest feedback from those who have read My Job. Listening to stories of readers who have experienced new perspectives, gained new appreciations and rejoiced in “aha!” moments after reading My Job is truly a great joy. It reminds me of the primary reason I wrote the book in the first place; to bring people together from all over the world, share experiences and learn from one another.

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Event: Telling Stories to Connect People to Your Cause; San Francisco, CA

At the Northern California Grantmakers and Exponent Philanthropy workshop, Author Suzanne Skees taught an interactive workshop on how to identify core stories for nonprofits and funders, and how to build elements of engaging stories to connect your audience with your cause. She used several Skees Foundation “Seeds of Hope” stories and the MY JOB book to dissect what she terms “connective tissue” yoking narrator to reader in empathy that creates community and inspires empathic action.

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Event: Panel on Storytelling for Social Change; San Francisco, CA

A high-impact group of global philanthropists from The Philanthropy Workshop gathered for a series on using the arts to promote social justice; the weekend included music and dancing as well as talks by bestselling novelist Dave Eggers on his publishing company Voice of Witness as well as MY JOB author Suzanne Skees

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Event: Harvard Divinity School “Divinity Dialogues: Stories of Care;” San Francisco, CA

“Active listening that leads to action: There is no greater act of care than listening to someone’s story,” Skees told the audience of about fifty people gathered in the Embarcadero Center. “I believe the greatest form of intimacy is sharing our stories. It’s when we tell each other the stories of who we are that we reveal the layers below our surface and truly become close.“

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Pre-order your copy today!

My Job: Real People at Work Around the World, by Suzanne Skees

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