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Booklovers on a Budget: Our Kindle Bestseller Now Just  $.99!

Booklovers on a Budget: Our Kindle Bestseller Now Just $.99!

Hello Everyone,

Did you know that you have one more week to get your hands on the Kindle version of MY JOB Book 2?

It’s just 99 cents through Halloween!


MY JOB: More People at Work Around the World had already hit the Amazon bestseller list for philanthropy and charity–which is kind of funny, because it’s not about either of those topics. Rather, this narrative nonfiction book reads like a collection of short stories–each one of which is deeply real and often quite intimate–about the work and life, challenges and dreams, of people in varied occupations from around the world.

You, our faithful readers, also caused MY JOB 2 to hit the #10 BESTSELLER spot across all Kindle sales for October. Wow. The power each person wields can give us hope for the world, right?



So if you’re willing, please share this deal with your friends and family–copy and paste from this blog, or just post the link with your own comment:

Folks can taste-test our content by checking out the “Meet the Narrators” series on the blog JobTalk and  our “Highlights” on Instagram.

BUY A BOOK, CREATE A JOB: The MY JOB series is a social-mission project of the Skees Family Foundation, and EVERY SALE of a Kindle or print book helps build new jobs to end poverty. However, if you like short stories and memoir, or if you’d fancy a peek into very different lives and careers, both books might be your cup of tea!



Stay tuned for MY JOB Book 3 on Generation Z in the workforce. In my next blog, I’ll share with you how that’s going behind the scenes.

As always, thanks for being part of our MY JOB community!




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Order your copy today!


Books that create jobs: The MY JOB book series builds community, shares stories, and funds job-creation programs to end poverty.

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