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Only 34% of U.S. workers report feeling engaged at work. This statistic and others are part of a 2016 Gallup poll paint of picture of a nation that feels largely unfulfilled with their work.

In MY JOB: Real People at Work Around the World, author Suzanne Skees presents a collection of stories that explore themes of dignity, identity, economic viability and challenges of occupation. Through the voices of diverse narrators, it explores the vital question of how jobs shape our sense of identity – and our lives.

As communications and social media, technology and trade, transform our world into a global village, readers are exposed to life and work in other cultures. MY JOB makes clear the connections between us as global citizens united in the human experience of work.

Building upon the legacy of Studs Terkel’s best selling book Working and Mike Rowe’s Dirty Jobs TV series, MY JOB goes global, reflecting the daily struggles and successes of working storytellers in their own voices.


About the Author

Suzanne Skees is the founder and international director of the Skees Family Foundation which supports innovative self-help programs in the U.S. and 37 developing countries in education, enterprise, health, infrastructure, and peace.


Praise for MY JOB

“MY JOB is a must-read. It brings to life actual work experiences across the world, showing that we have a lot in common. MY JOB illustrates that we’re not alone.”


“MY JOB is a brilliant peephole into the makeshift destiny that so often accompanies everyday work and employment.”  



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Adult and youth narrative nonfiction: popular business, social sciences, sociology of work, anthropology, human geography, industrial and labor relations.



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Books that create jobs: The MY JOB book series builds community, shares stories, and funds job-creation programs to end poverty.

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