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Book 1–My Job: Real People at Work Around the World

1: Makana, Slack-Key Guitar Musician, Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
2: Arindam & Debaleena: Eco-Manufacturers, Assam, India
3: Christina, Online Lingerie Entrepreneur, Ramallah, Palestine

Industry and Transportation
4: Nga, Life-Vest School-Backpack Manufacturer, Hanoi, Vietnam
5: Hannah, Recruiter/Headhunter, Tampa, Florida, U.S.
6: Muhammad, Rickshaw Puller, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Farming, Food, and Animals
7: Wantay, Maasai Warrior, Ngoronogoro, Tanzania
8: Mayra, Coffee Coop Farmer, Managua, Nicaragua
9: Robin, Horse Coach, Jeffersonville, Kentucky, U.S.

Finance and Technology
10: Matt, Google Technologist, Mountain View, California, U.S.
11: Pablo, Xerox LatAm Finance Manager, Cordoba, Argentina
12: Nik, Equity Investment Manager, Hong Kong, China

Music and the Arts
13: Kevin, Architect, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
14: Poornima, Interior Designer, Kandy, Sri Lanka
15: Darius, Hip-Hop Artist, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.


Book 2–My Job: More People at Work Around the World

Health and Recovery
1: Mike Kenward, Gambling Recovery Counselor, London, England
2: Kevin, Nursing Student, Santa Lucia, Honduras
3: Sandra, Midwife Clinic Director, Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala

Education and Finance
4: Nadine, College Admissions Counselor, Kigali, Rwanda
5: Kelly Kang, English Teacher, Daegu, South Korea
6: Misozi, Mobile-Money Agent, Lusaka, Zambia

Agribusiness and Food Processing
7: Srey Pouv, Rice Microfinancier, Siem Reap, Cambodia
8: Sena, Tomato Canner, Anloga, Ghana
9: Mary, Banana Farmer, Mbale, Uganda

Arts and Culture
10: Alberto, Stay-at-Home Dad and Art Teacher, Chicago, Illinois
11: Tania, Dancer, Toronto, Canada
12: Michele, State Department Arts Education Diplomat, Washington, DC, U.S.

Activism and Diplomacy
13: Junior Walk, Environmental Activist, Naoma, West Virginia
14: Greg, Mideast Peace Diplomat, Jerusalem and New York
15: Mickey, Fringe Diplomat, Washington, DC, U.S.

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