About the Team

Wendy Ledger

Sanam Yusuf

MY JOB GenZ co-author

First job: soccer coach. Dream job (current): Writing our next book! MY JOB GenZ will publish in 2020.

Third Plateau

Suzanne Skees

MY JOB Series Author

First job: ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins in Dayton, Ohio.

Wendy Ledger

Saira Yusuf

Social Media Associate

First job: working at an ice cream store, where she enjoyed lots of free samples!

Andrea Atkinson

Brienne Skees

Fact Checker and Proofreader

First job: sales associate at a clothing shop.

Andrea Atkinson

Steven Elizalde

Sales and Distribution

First job: sales management trainee for Ernest & Julio Gallo Winery–seventy hours per week!

Wendy Ledger

Leanne Heller

Website Artist

First job: Cashier at a fruit, veggie, and nut store.

Wendy Ledger

Wendy Ledger


First job: telephone solicitor for the Boston Globe.

Andrea Atkinson

Dan Pederson

Project Manager

First job: working at a farm stand and garden nursery.

Andrea Atkinson

Andrea Atkinson

Project Advisor

First job: cocktail waitress in Boston.

Andrea Atkinson

Olivia McCoy

Marketing Strategist

First job: waitress at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP) at age sixteen.

Wendy Ledger

Daniel Sandoval


First job: making pizzas for Pizza Hut–a job he loved  because he got to eat all his mistakes, for free.

Wendy Ledger

Rachael Brandenburg

Cover and Interior Designer

First job: detailing vehicles at a carwash in Lubbock, Texas, at age fifteen.

Andrea Atkinson

Chris Antonowich

Marketing Advisor

First job: Lifeguard at a small lake.

Andrea Atkinson

AprilJo Murphy

Senior Editor

First job: dishwasher and handyman for a local Ursuline Convent.

Wendy Ledger

Austin Badger

Social Media Contributor

First Job: starting a landscaping maintenance company at age 12.

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Books that create jobs: The MY JOB book series builds community, shares stories, and funds job-creation programs to end poverty.

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