About the Team

Andrea Atkinson

Andrea is advisor to MY JOB, supporting the vision of the team to tell first-person stories and create dignified jobs. She is director of One Square World, supporting community-led processes towards equity and sustainability. She has a degree in International Relations with a focus on sustainable development in Latin America and Africa from Boston University and a graduate certificate in environmental management from Tufts University. Andrea is a Senior Fellow of the Environmental Leadership Program. Don’t miss her provocative Foreword in the MY JOB book: “Jobs: A Unique Lens into Life.”

First job: cocktail waitress in Boston.

Tracy Ertl

Tracy Ertl is the publisher of MY JOB. CEO of TitleTown Publishing. She is also a crime survivor and law enforcement professional.Tracy has spent a two-decade career as a 911 professional, taking and supervising life-saving calls; she brings that heart-pounding relevancy and perspective into the publishing world. She is a nationally recognized law enforcement instructor specializing in crisis negotiations and active shooter incident management. As an author and publisher, Tracy seeks to change lives through the impact of powerful storytelling. Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin and agented out of Los Angeles, California, Tracy also works collaboratively as an editorial consultant for Beaufort Books in New York City.

First job: cinema girl at Stadium III Cinema in Green Bay.

Wendy Ledger

Wendy Ledger is principal of VoType Transcription Services and transcribes all our video and audio material into the stories for the MY JOB book. Wendy has been a transcriptionist since 1989. She graduated magna cum laude from Tufts University with a degree in French and in English. She received an M.A. in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University and she has been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, the East Bay Express, and Music for the Love of It. Wendy considers transcripts with lots of background noice and heavy accents a welcome, creative challenge, and she blushingly admits to falling madly in love with every one of the MY JOB narrators through the process of relating their stories. Wendy is the author of Joy Returns!, a young-adult novel.

First job: telephone solicitor for the Boston Globe.

Suzanne Skees

Suzanne Skees is the editor and visionary behind MY JOB. She works in international development as director of the Skees Family Foundation, which supports innovative self-help programs in the U.S. and developing countries in education and job-creation. Skees studied English literature (Boston College) and world religions (Harvard Divinity School). She travels from schools to slums, prisons to farms, serving as a storyteller for nonprofit workers, social entrepreneurs, and their courageous clients who toil every day to end poverty and create equality. Find her stories on the Job Talk and Seeds of Hope blogs, as well as Huffington Post.

First job: ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins in Dayton, Ohio.

Megan Trank

Megan Trank is the managing editor of MY JOB. Megan is a graduate of Smith College and has been in publishing for 10 years. When she isn’t reading and editing manuscripts, she enjoys baking and cross-stitching.

First job: packing books in a small warehouse for an independent publisher in Michigan.

Third Plateau

Third Plateau is a proud member of the MY JOB team, providing strategic support to help the project create the greatest possible social impact. Third Plateau is a strategy firm that partners with individuals and organizations with game-changing ideas to improve the world, and helps them do it bigger, better, and faster. Jonathan led the team’s marketing analysis and plan included in the initial book proposal, and Anchal, Daniel, and Mike all provided keen strategic advice that helped get us from pipe dream to published book.

First jobs:
Jonathan Kaufman – field staff for a political campaign in Alaska
Mike Berkowitz – public policy fellow at a nonprofit in DC
Daniel Kaufman – legislative assistant at a nonprofit in DC
Kari Saratovsky – legislative aid for a member of Congress in DC
Whitney Caruso – program coordinator at an NGO in Nicaragua
Annie Crangle – 4th grade teacher in Minneapolis
Itzel Nuño –  video instructor at a middle school in San Diego
Anchal Bibra – salesperson at a clothing store in Long Beach, CA

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